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I am very pleased to provide this endorsement for Lani Dove Roth and her business “Healing Wings Massage”  I have been seeing Lani for massage therapy weekly for nearly a year and I have directly experienced her talent and expertise in both deep tissue and Thai massage.  The deep tissue massage has provided significant pain relief in my shoulders as well as alleviating much of my lower and middle back pain.  I never thought that such substantial relief would be possible.  Lani also provides me with a Thai massage every 4-6 weeks which, in addition to aiding in my pain reduction, has provided me with noticeably increased flexibility and vitality.  As part of  Lani’s impressive massage skills, she is also quite knowledge about the musculoskeletal system.  Lani is happy to share specific targeted information with her clients and I have certainly benefited from learning about how things are connected and about using different trigger points and stretches between massages to help keep myself flexible and pain free. 

If Lani’s skills at massage were the only significant attribute that she brought to her care for her clients, it would certainly be enough for me to recommend her.  However, there is far more to Lani than simply her exemplary massage skills.  Lani is also one of the friendliest, kindest, least judgmental, and most relaxing people I have met.  She seems to be able to effortlessly connect with her clients and intuitively understand when you may need more or less pressure, if you need attention to a different area or even something that many massage professionals fail to understand, when to speak and when to be quiet during the massage.  Lani has all the skills anyone would need from a massage therapist and I wholeheartedly endorse Lani Dove Roth as the best massage therapist I have ever used.   I highly recommend that everyone get a massage from her at least once and, when you do, I’m sure you’ll be hooked just like I was.


Brian S.
Cromwell, CT




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